The ten most important things about Bypakke Ålesund

Here are the ten most important things you need to know about Bypakke Ålesund - in english.

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  1. Save money by having a valid AutoPASS agreement and a tag. The agreement allows you to pay less in the toll booths. In addition you maximum pay for one toll passing per hour and a maximum of 60 passes during a calendar month. You are also granted a discount in other toll booths in Norway.
  2. The price for passing by passenger car without a valid agreement is NOK 26. With an agreement, the price is NOK 20.80. The price for passing by electric car without a valid agreement is NOK 26. With an agreement, the price for an electric car is NOK 10.40.
  3. A valid AutoPASS agreement and a tag does not cost anything, but you have to pay a NOK 200 deposit that you will get back when you cancel the agreement.
  4. You will receive a valid AutoPASS agreement and a tag by accessing
  5. If you have an AutoPASS agreement valid for ferries, this must be changed to also apply to road tolls.
  6. Tolls are to be paid in Ålesund for up to 15 years, but it may end sooner. The toll booths will be removed when the Bypakke is paid off.
  7. The toll road charges are part of Bypakke Ålesund, which through dozens of projects will help traffic in Ålesund become safer, faster and greener. There will be improvements in roads and safer school roads, better bus services and improvements for the cyclists.
  8. Bypakke Ålesund spends around NOK 4 billion on your getting around faster, making traffic safer and creating new road systems for people, buses and cars that will have less impact on the environment and climate even if the population of the city grows.  The money comes from the Government, Møre og Romsdal County and Ålesund Municipality as well as from tolls.
  9. The politicians in Ålesund along with the politicians in Møre og Romsdal County Council and the Storting have adopted the Bypakke Ålesund. 
  10. If you have more questions, you can find more information at